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First Week in Peru: Pt. 1

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I’ve finally been able to start this blog. I don’t have internet access in the house and, up until now, all the time spent at the school with internet access has been devoted to planning trips and trying to straighten out various things. Now I will at least try to summarize my first week in Peru.

I arrived one week ago, after a decidedly stressful airline trip. My flight out of Chicago was delayed one hour and I made my connection in Miami by five minutes, because it was delayed and thanks to sprinting 30 terminals in the Miami airport. Clearly, my luggage did not arrive with me to Lima, which was not a huge problem for me. Apparently, though, some other folks with delayed baggage in Lima airport, who were in front of me in line, were quite unhappy with this turn of events.

Everything from that point was just fine, except for the taxi drivers at the Cusco airport who kept trying to “help” me “find” the desk to fill out a form for my luggage and then “offer” me a taxi for “cheap”. Thankfully, I had someone to tell me where to go to find real taxis and I took one into the city, and met Gina at Hostel Urpi…


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