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Toilet Paper Wars

Arriving back from the jungle Sunday night, we returned home to no toilet paper. Our host mother assured us that she had forgotten to buy some, would purchase some tomorrow and in the meantime napkins aren’t bad, considering you don’t flush any tp here anyways.

Breakfast the next day we asked if there was toilet paper, as she goes out every morning before breakfast to do aerobics. Nay, there was none, but we were again assured it would be purchased later. Returning from school, at lunch, still no toilet paper.

And, she was acting snappy when we asked her if there was any (and perhaps she had just not yet deposited it in the bathroom yet). Basically, she acted as though there was not a store next door that sells toilet paper.

We went out to use internet and get dinner, and returned. Still. No. Toilet Paper. Asking again, quite annoyed, she sent the doorman out to purchase some because she ‘wasn’t leaving that night’. She bought 2 rolls (one for a bathroom used by a single person, one for the bathroom we 3 girls share) and said she would go to the supermarket to buy more the next day.

2 days later, we are out of toilet paper again- not surprising for a bathroom shared by 3, plus digestion issues that go along with travelling in Peru. NO TOILET PAPER IN HOUSE. Also, she tried conning us into thinking she had left some out and guilting us over our toilet paper consumption, when clearly she had not left any out and there are 3 people in one bathroom. She sent the housekeeper out to buy two more rolls. Does this woman not buy toilet paper in bulk with 4 boarders in the house?

Toilet Paper Drama.


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