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My Couch to 5K

So this year I decided that I want to take up running. One of the main reasons for this is that once I graduate school I may have limited access to a gym and running is one of the (or the) cheapest workouts I can get. I have always hated running and made the “I’ll run if someone is chasing me” jokes, so I feel a little bit like a hypocrite but once I get into it I feel like it will be a good activity to have for the rest of my life.

As far as my usual workouts go, I tend to like cycling and spinning, aerobics and kickboxing and yoga. If I just go to the gym for a small amount of time I usually use the elliptical. So, I at least have a decent fitness base for this plan. I also have a few friends who run and want to do a 5K with me, though none are doing C25K. We will look to register for one too. Before I started the plan I could do one mile on the treadmill in about 11 minutes, though it sucked a little and I had to catch my breath after if that is any indication of fitness running level.

I will be doing the C25K, though, on a track until the weather gets warm enough to run outside, and thanks to my ipod touch app will be running for time and not distance.

I did Week 1, Day 1 today and it went well. I was actually noodling with the idea of starting with Week 2 because I can run a mile and have a decent fitness base, but after today I will definitely stick with the program. The running intervals didn’t start getting obnoxious until the last 2 or so, so it is a good sign that at least for the first few weeks I am starting from a good place.

I have a couple hardcore runners in my family and want to ask them about cross training (or join an online forum). I am thinking of still doing a spin class two days a week during the year, and that plus the yoga and weight training I am supposed to be doing has me all confused about how to schedule the work outs. At the moment I am thinking will break down to be something like:

Monday: Spinning or other cardio for cross training

Tuesday: C25K run, strength training

Wednesday: Spinning or other cardio for cross training

Thursday: C25k run, strength training

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: C25K run

Sunday: Yoga or strength training

No idea if that is do-able, so I may have to cut down on strength training and cross training, but I will see. I hope I am not overconfident since the first run was pretty easy.



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