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Couch to 5K: Week 3, Day 1

I did this run today in a bit of hurry between classes and didn’t get a chance to stretch and now my back is getting all twingey. Is this normal for runners? If it is, harumph, I am unsure of this. I like my back and don’t want it making angry feelings at me. Perhaps time for yoga?

The actual run went better than expect. Still some mild shin splints but those are diminishing, and I’ve noticed the side cramps only occur on days after I’ve been out the night before. Yes, obvious. Whatever, I’m in college, move on. Also, I think I forgot to mention that Week 2 Day 2 was extra fun cause I gave a ton of blood for Peace Corps blood tests that day so I was feeling a little loopy after the run. Heh.

ANYWAY, yes, runs still aren’t that hard. I know my pace is slower than 10 min/mile, though, so I will work to get that to where it needs to be each week. I run with music but am starting to think it would be good to note the random thoughts that go through my head while I run:

1) I run on an elevated track and constantly contemplate accidentally falling, how it would happen and how it can be avoided. Morbid but cautious?

2) Speaking of the track I like to check the wear patterns in the brown to see if I run/don’t run where it is most common.

3) General homework checklist/e-mail checklist/cleaning checklist stuff.

4) I like to note if I am sweating or not and whether not sweating is bad (less evaporative cooling) or good (better water conservation).

5) Reasons why weightloss-centric exercise and culture stinks and makes it impossible for people to get to know how to relate their body to their minds in a healthy and fulfilling way, the way that occurs when you are exercising or engaging in physical activity to achieve concrete goals, eg run a 5K.

All for now…expecting any week now the agggggggggggggghhhhhh this sucks and IS HARD post. Or maybe it won’t be because I’m a 21 yr old with a decent level or fitness and normal BMI? Who knows.


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