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Couch to 5K: The Progress

So, it should surprise no one that this blog has been abandoned. That lack of surprise should, of course, come from the fact that everyone who knows me knows that I keep myself plenty busy (thankyouverymuch) with school and school-related activities. In sum, blogging is not priority.

HOWEVAH, it should please the court to know that this blog has also not been upkept because…(Drumroll) I have run into no problems with Couch to 5K. Yeah, some runs have been harder than others, but overall things have proceeded swimmingly.

I have been running on the track still, due to weather. I tried to run outside once which was more difficult than track running, but that was to be expected. It was a tidbit too cold that day, though, so I will wait til Wisconsin winter officially exits the building before I try that again. Once I do, as I said, I expect it to be more difficult than track running what with hills and wind resistance, but I am confident I can overcome that.

I am coming up on Week 6, Day 3, or the 25-minutes run. I am excited to start getting up to these runs so that I can start working on running faster. Then, I am excited for the Bridge to 10K program. Oh no, what has happened to me?

I used to hate running.


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