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I Caved

Except for a few minor slip-ups I have been doing so well.

For three months I have restrained myself. I can count the number of e-mails sent to my PC recruiter and medical contact on one hand (2, for those interested). Both have been professional, warranted and contained nary a hint of impatience or anxiety.

But, alas, the free time of Spring Break has broke down my resolve and I caved. I have been reading blogs focusing on the process of medical clearance and placement.

I e-mailed my medical contact about a few potential issues that may be cause a deferment or warrant extra testing in my medical file. I actually doubt either would occur but I want to knooooooooooooooooooow.

So I e-mailed and will probably get a non-response saying I will know once my medical file is reviewed. Where did my resolve and stoicism and patience go? Harumph.


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College student, potential Peace Corps Volunteer.

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