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Results: Sweet Victory!

The result of my lapse in patience was sweet, sweet contact with the Peace Corps. Seriously, I feel like an obsessed third grader with a crush on an unresponsive middle schooler. Any contact is a sign they looooooove meeeeee.

Anyway, I e-mailed the contact I was given on my medical review packet but got a response from the nurse reviewing my file, who said she glanced at it and thought everything looked ship-shape and that the she will try to get to the full review in the next week!


First of all: I was worried that my immunization records regarding my varicella (chicken pox) vaccinations would be insufficient and I would need a titer, but I do not. So yay cash monies in the bank!

Two: She said she sees no reason at this point for deferral. To be expected, but still good to hear *crosses fingers, knocks on wood, salt over shoulder, etc.*

Three: I HAVE A TIME FRAME. Seriously this is life-giving, rare-as-gold news. And apropos of nothing too–I did not even ask for a time frame or for when it would be reviewed. To those not going through the Peace Corps app. process let me just say, having a concrete time frame is blessed news, given the PC’s most popular mantra is wait, we’ll get to you when we do, have patience, etc.

Seeing ‘in the next week’ inspired a hallelejah chorus. Legit.

Moral of the story: Impatience pays off? Probably not a good take away.

Anywho, this will updated in the next week then with medical news.


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College student, potential Peace Corps Volunteer.

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  1. Hi! I found your blog from the wiki site and am just curious as to what you wrote in your email? Our timelines are basically identical (I was nominated for Asia, Teaching English, June) and I, too, am awaiting medical clearance. They received my forms on February 2, so I feel like I should hear something but am not sure how to word an email to my medical contact. If you wouldn’t mind sharing, I would really appreciate it!

    Thanks! and good luck!


    • I’ll send you an e-mail with what I sent them–I am actually nominated for August aroundabouts though. But yeah, I’ll let you know what I sent via e-mail since it is pretty specific to my situation. Good luck!


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