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This is not my full paranoid rant about placement. That will come later.

For this post, I would like to discuss the second phase of Restless Applicant Syndrome (RAS): Invitation Jealousy (IJ).

I love Peace Corps Journals. This site has been ridiculously helpful in all stages of the applicant process.


As I approach the time of reckoning (hearing from Placement in 3-5 weeks), I cannot read PCJ without developing a severe case of Invitation Jealousy. This becomes especially acute when people are invited to countries in Asia. It also occurs when people that have been medically cleared around when I was have already heard from Placement.

These are completely immature emotions, but that is what RAS does to a person. Anyone have any tips on screwing my head back on straight again?

Maybe I’ll send placement my updated resume now.


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  1. IJ? Oh,no! Another PC acronym.
    However, I believe that this is a valid one for exactly the situation you describe. Ironically, I have recently become aware that I was having feelings of envy for those applicants with timelines similar to mine receiving invitations while I am waiting for an invitation and continue trying to maintain PMA. During a period of introspection, I thought that I was actually feeling something different from RAS. I thought that the difference warranted yet another acronym – – – IAA (Invitation Anticipation Anxiety). I thought that it was an extension of RAS that included some degree of second-guessing what I actually wanted to hear from Placement (e.g. – The timing of the actual departure being later or sooner than hoped, the actual country assignment, and so on up to an including the awful truth that I might not receive an invitation after all).

    Meanwhile, given that I was medically cleared the first week of last December and was told at that time by a Placement Assessment Assistant that I would hear from a Placement Officer within weeks, I am still waiting and following PCJs just as you and so many others are doing. I am approaching the anniversary of my application. I suppose that we all struggle at one point or another with ‘What to do?’.

    I went back and scoured some PC literature. Did you happen to see my posting about the statement I found in a PC publication that advised applicants who are medically cleared but haven’t heard from Placement before eight (8) weeks prior to their nominated departure date? That PC publication states that an applicant in this case should contact their recruiter, obtain the phone number of their Placement Officer and call that Placement Officer. YES! Something positive to do and it is endorsed by the PC. Well, I hate to share this part; I did just that. I did not get a phone number, but received an e-mail address instead. I sent the (very politely worded) e-mail. I received a return e-mail informing me I would hear in a few weeks. AArrgghh!

    Maintaining PMA is my focus.

  2. No suggestions at all, I’m afraid. I had the exact same problem when I was going through this. The only thing I heard from Placement for nearly 4 months was “it’ll be another couple of weeks,” and that would drive me up the wall. The only suggestion I can give is to do as much as you can to distract yourself, pull yourself away from the computer/blackberry/iPhone/outside modes of communication. But periodically remind placement that you’re still there. Good luck!!

  3. I went through something similar, only it was with medical clearance because mine took four months to get around to looking at. In that four months people submitted and received medical clearance while I was waiting rather impatiently.

    My advice:
    – Take a break from the online peace corps community if it gets too intense
    – Don’t leave whiny and bitter comments in other people’s journals. I know nothing about you, so I’m only speaking from my experience. It’s really tempting and I took to actually writing the comment many times and then not hitting the post comment button.
    -Everything happens for a reason. I was supposed to leave for Africa in January but medical clearance didn’t come in time so I missed that. But now I get to go to the country that I dreamt about all along but never thought I’d get to go. And THAT is the most rewarding feeling ever and totally worth the 4 month delay.


  4. Thanks to all the helpful comments! I’ve been keeping my sanity and peace by staying distracted with productive things in my life, sending in my updated resume and talking with RPCVs and other applicants in a positive, supportive way. Fingers crossed, and sending out good vibes to the universe in the hope it pays off.


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