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In which I quote Yoda and have a one-person pep rally

So, I just got hit with the scope of a sad reality: my ESL classes will end in two weeks. The classes in the program I helped create and cultivate, that will hopefully have a legacy of actually for-reals educating people and not just making we Spanish majors feel good about our Spanish skills. Oh yeah, so, those classes are ending soon.

Because I am graduating. Crap.

I also just read a PCJ about someone actually being rejected after reaching the Placement phase. This is my nightmare. Thankfully I am prone to action AND addicted to coffee. I went in for my fourth caffeine fix today (thank you all-nighter last night) and spied a flyer requesting volunteers in literacy/ESL work at Literacy Services of Wisconsin.

One google search later and I’ve submitted a request for information to become a tutor. Once I get the info I will e-mail placement with a delighted cackle and an even-more-updated resume. No, they cannot get rid of me. YES I WILL VOLUNTEER. SÍ SE PUEDE and all that jazz.

I am probably blissfully ignoring the fact that I have volunteered about 50 hours in ESL over the 30 requested to fulfill the continuation requirement at my interview (yeah…that’s 80, kids).

2 things to learn from this post:

1) I am loopy as heck from lack of sleep

2) I WILL get an invitation. In the words of my role model: Do, or do not. There is no try.


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