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How I keep my mind busy and stave off RAS:

Lest you think I only sit around and think about the PC, here is what I’m busy doing in addition to the usual senior year of college shenanigans:

1) Organizing a production of the Vagina Monologues. Directing this would be a lot of work on any campus, but try on a Catholic campus that has skirmishes around this happening/not happening every year. On the up side I now know lots of people in upper administration. I have also conquered the world of graphic design, stage sound and light tech and acting.

2) Class: If I didn’t actually, genuinely truly and really like all my classes this would probably not be on the list, because I wouldn’t actually be doing work for class. Thank you, senioritis. Since I do like all my courses I am doing the diligent student thing for the last time (at least until more school post-PC).

3) Being a College Senior: Self-explanatory. Yet oddly time-consuming.

4) Teaching ESL: Through my uni’s Spanish Honors Society I’ve done ESL tutoring for the last couple years; however, starting in January we decided to completely reorganize the program. Instead of a different group every week doing one-on-one lessons based on whatever a student wanted to learn, we’ve worked with the parish to set up the ESL lessons like classes. They’re still completely free and voluntary, but we now have 3 groups, the teacher coming every week for each group, and lesson plans/syllabi. I plan for/teach the intermediate group. Not being an education major I was surprised how long lesson plans take, especially sans books or other materials to work with. See, look PC, look at what a good potential education volunteer I am :).

5) Thinking about my future…oh wait, I guess that is just sitting around and worrying about the PC. Oops. Sorry I lied.

OK, so that also involved declining my acceptances to law schools, arranging recommendations and whatnot for when I return and other miscellaneous tasks.

Mostly thinking about PC stuff though. I’m going to ask a few professors for summer reading lists so I don’t go crazy if I don’t get my invitation by before graduation.


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