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Federal Budget Concerns

So, I had my placement interview. It went well. I imagine in any other normal situation it would’ve been ended with “OK we’re sending out your invitation in two weeks…”

Instead I had my Placement Specialist tell me that she has to wait two weeks until the Federal Budget numbers come in to see if the program I am being considered for is being cut. If it is, then hopefully I would be placed elsewhere, pending budget.

Oh dear. This is not going to be an easy two weeks.


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College student, potential Peace Corps Volunteer.

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  1. Omg – I know exactly what you’re talking about. I had my final placement interview last week and they told me to wait two weeks. It’s driving me crazy and the thing that sucks even more is that I was contacted on my other email account May 30, and if I had checked that email to have my placement interview, I probably would have been invited already to west Africa. Oh boy. oh boy. First it’s government shutdown and now it’s federal budget. Will this process ever come to an end? Good luck with everything!

    • Aw man, well you never know how things work out. May I ask if you are nominated for an Education position? I am *hoping* that my program won’t be cut because English Ed. is the primary programming area in Asia and the larger volunteer programming area in the PC. Good luck and let me know when you hear!



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