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Tookit Update: Invitation in the mail (?!?!)

So, I woke up this morning to a toolkit update; thinking nothing of it, given the conversation I had yesterday with the Placement Specialist about waiting for the budget, I calmly opened it.  In my Invitation section there is a big red exclamation point and next to it:

Peace Corps sent you an invitation kit on April 27, 2011. Within 10 days ofreceiving your kit, please call us regarding your decision to accept or decline our invitation. If we do not hear from you within this period, the assignment may be offered to another applicant

I have no idea what happened or how they figured out the budget so quickly, but I guess this means I am invited? Like, for reals. I hope this isn’t some joke or weird quirk of the system and I’m still waiting on budget issues.


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College student, potential Peace Corps Volunteer.

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  1. hey! me three 😀 I wonder if the 27th was some kinda watershed invitation day. hopefully we’ll get them early next week *fingers crossed*


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